The Mission

We are a small studio based in the heart of United Kingdom in well known city called Coventry. Yet the local grounds are not owned by us we are determined to forge enough finest blades and breed legions of goblins one day to claim the lands for ourselves and reinstate it as our domain!

Currently housing few hard working individuals which are always here for you, ready to realise any miniature related dream you might have. As we might have ambitious ideas for the future of the business and its growth, we are taking it step by step making sure that the right direction each day is being taken.

The Crew

Born in Poland, I have started my adventure with art back in my teens, when object lighting and pencil sketches shaped up my vision of what drawing can be all about, following the years I have spent many months with my talented grandad which inspired me to assembly of many WWII cardboard style warship replicas. Evolving over the time I moved onto Revell mass market models and around 2005 for the first time I have seen a Games Workshop store on a high-street, and as yesterday I remember that feeling of never seen before dedicated heaven for miniatures, which from that point embarked me on a unbelievable journey of rediscovering my inner muse each day from then on. Improving my skills over the time I finally decided in early 2013 that it was The! year to establish a miniature painting endeavour and work with not only wider range of products on this fruitful planet but harness and expand my ever growing need to improve and unveil my artistic skills.

- Tomasz Kolodziej


I am that special someone with a sparkle in the eye which loves singing, animals and everything happy around us all!

Always on a mission to make Tom`s life hard ( ;) ), for many years now I supported the hobby he pursued and with the start of Mini Brush Studio creation I have became the person which handles all your contacts and the back stage of the whole operations.

Pssssst! - All the important things are being handled by me so you are bound to hear from me at some point durring the projects.

- Magdalena Stryczek

The Magic Place

No Goblins been ever harmed or abused during "The Goblin Carrier!" service.