We welcome you to our official site of Coventry based miniature painting studio located in the centre of UK.

We specialize in making your dreams come true! If you ever wanted to have a centre piece in your tabletop army, an entire regiments of ready to battle soldiers, or a entire mechanised column of hardened tanks but never had time to actually sit and paint all the details over all your models, then we believe that you have come to the right place!

ironclad dreadnought v0.93.jpg

... we are willing to take on any miniature painting projects starting from many of the popular ranges like Privateer Press, Mantic, Games Workshop, Forge World, D&D and venturing even to some awesome unique kickstarter ideas like Kingdom Death, however if you believe that our skill level will suit your need on other products we are willing to take on any challenge, and promise to put every inch of our passion and dedication into every model you need us to work on!


Flames not included!