Greetings!, this is the place where you will find all the details you need to know about how to have your army or a single miniature painted or scratch built by us, giving you in depth knowledge on how we work.

  • To start any project, request a quote by contacting us via and providing as much details as you can about your requirements taking into account the below guidelines for our overall service breakdown, keeping in mind that we are not limiting ourselves just to these options as we will work around your imagination, budget and need.
  • When the quote is provided back to you and approved we will require a 40% deposit for the work which we have to undertake on your army to ensure that the project will without any doubt reach its final stage.
  • During the time in studio you will be able to follow progress of your project on daily basis on our facebook page.
  • Once the project is finished we will provide you with a number of high quality pictures for your final approval stamp and from where we will request the final payment of 60% from the total commission value. As soon as the payment arrives with us we will despatch the goods directly to the address you supply, making you a ready to battle General, from which point onwards we will wish you only Glory and Honour on your adventures!

where everything starts ... The Forge!

We are giving you two core options on how we can start your project:

1. You can use our popular "The Goblin Carrier!" service which allows us to purchase all necessary stock on your behalf as per your requirements which we will bill back to you on top of the deposit. Allowing you to do whatever else you want at that time, not worried about all the hassle of a stock purchase.

Do not forget that using our Goblins to do the dirty work may be in your favour! as they are skilled creatures in negotiating prices with the Forges, therefore you could pay less then at your local hobby shop.

2. You can use our "The Trukk Run!" service which applies only to customers holding already their ready to paint stock and / or still boxed resin, as in a nut shell a Trukk will be sent to address of your choosing where the Ork Boyz will collect everything needed for the project and deliver it straight back to our studio.

This service may result in extra charges and delays depending on the country you live in - all details and limitations will be provided on your quote.

Let us begin the work ... The Studio!

All models will be cleaned, assembled and base cotted before any paint work is applied unless you opted for "The Trukk Run!" service where an individual assessment will have to be carried out before we begin, while the true magic will start afterwards as per below basic breakdowns:


1. The quality of "True Soldier!" - is our most popular basic procedure most commonly known as edge highlighting, all miniatures under this condition involve layering your details with emphasis on all the miniature edges with main colour covering the majority of painting surface. The great looking army for every hobbyist which wants that extra sparkle on the battlefield to dazzle the opponent moves.

The True Soldier - Mix 2016 v3.jpg

Sample Price List for "True Soldier" quality:

The True Soldier - Price List Sample 2016 v1.14.jpg

2. The quality of "True Beauty!" - is dedicated mostly to character and limited edition miniatures however not limited to such options, you can always have a very high quality army painted this way as well. The process involves edge highlight with main surface colours and shadows being blended and even occasionally a NMM and TMM quality work thrown in. This is not a competition level paintjob but mainly an affordable medium between very expensive and rare models and "True Soldier" tabletop standard.

Sample Price List for "True Beauty" quality:

The True Beauty - Price List Sample 2016 v1.17.jpg

We can paint your miniatures to any colour scheme you want, from the Codex and Rule Book based templates to create a true representation of existing legions to anything your imagination can think of as we are here for you without any  boundaries and limits.

We can offer a free hand detail work on your miniatures and banners as well as conversions - just ask for such details in the quote request as these will be charged each time based on the size and difficulty of the requirement.

Finishing touches ... The Elements!

As a final stage in our paintwork we can offer you an overall look changes such as battle damage and weathering to reflect your regiments historical placement. And surely making your army stand out a little bit more on the tabletop by showing some battle scars and indication of being a seasonal fighters.

The End ... Delivery Time!

Well the moment you have been waiting for all that time, your army or a single miniature arrives at your doorstep, ready for you to enjoy the upcoming battles amongst your friends!

We can even include in the delivery a Figure Cases for easy transport of your future regiment to your local battlefields - just ask for it when you request a quote!

Perks ... Wait ? What ?!

"Good Old Ally!" - Have you been with us for a long time, are you ordering on regular basis or placing big orders ? well then maybe it is about time to get some lovely bonuses from us !

  • We are keeping records of all your orders on regular basis and for every accumulated £1000 spent with us on projects, will earn you a life time 1% discount on all following endevours with us! Counting up to a maximum of 5%!
  • All you need to do, to keep your discount is to place at least one order per callendar year, it does not matter how small! a project for £10 ? No Problem! you just saved your Perk!
  • Unsure what your current total amount is ? Just ask and with pleasure we will provide you with all the relevant data.
  • Please note that this discount will not stack with any other promotional vouchers or offers you may receive from us.

"Battlefield Beauty!" - Always wanted that extra quality character model or lovely free hand across your tank in your collection or in your army but budget is not allowing that extra spend ? No problem we got you sorted!

  • For every order over £500 we will upgarde one of your arranged character models to a "True Beauty!" quality.
  • If you just placed an order for that amount and all your miniatures already are "True Beauty!" ? Easy! One of the models will be discounted by 50%. Some limitations apply.
  • What if you dont have any characters in the order ? we will endvour to establish with you directly where you can benefit from an extra love on your model/s, especially if you have just order a regiment of tanks, it could be a special high quality base, some awesome free hand graphics,banner, weathering etc.
  • This Perk will apply to a standard size character tabletop miniatures only or similar size endevours.
  • Please note that this discount will not stack with any other promotional vouchers or offers you may receive from us.
Solution Graphics

Terms and Conditions:

  • All projects worked on within the studio will take between 3 to 8 weeks before they are ready for shipping, excluding supply of the stock period in the first place. The overall time may extend in extreme cases of a very large regiments or unusual detail / conversion work requested by the customer.
  • Mini Brush Studio will provide high definition pictures and in some cases video of final work from which they will be packed for shipping in the same condition, we do not take responsibility for how the customer or the courier stores or handles the miniatures afterwards.
  • We do not offer refunds or returns of any initial deposits, as soon as the customer approves the quote and pays the initial fee the supply chain and work in the studio will commence to ensure a proactive approach to every project.
  • In the event of a customer being unable or unwilling to pay the final fee for 30 days from receiving the invoice to close the project, Mini Brush Studio ill become the owner of the miniatures and will endeavour any means necessary to resell such work to cover any losses occurred during the job.
  • All transaction have to be made in Pound Sterlings, however we can offer quotes on special requestes in your local denomination.
  • Extra delivery insurance is only available upon customers request.
  • Any major alterations to the project at the final approval stage will be subject to an additional charges.
  • We offer no guarantee, express or implied. Any remedy is at our discretion.

Disclaimer and Notice:

Mini Brush Studio is a business solely focused on promoting its talent and paint work across all social and media pages. Under no circumstances we take any ownership of the models created by Games Workshop, Forge World,Mantic Games, Privateer Press, Wizzards of The Coasts, Kingdom Death or any affiliated trademarks as our own.

This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

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